A Brief History

North Carolina Triad Fusion, Inc (NC Fusion) is a Non Profit entity serving the Triad region of North Carolina by providing sports programs for youth and adults.

NC Fusion formed in 2018 as a the management company of Twin City Sports Association and Greensboro United Soccer Association.  Both clubs have had a wonderful and deep history of success and impact in their respective communities in the Triad.  By uniting the Triad through Sport, NC Fusion strives to build on that incredible history, continually improve, and seek to be a pioneer in the sports community.

Our Core Values

Trust – We believe in and rely on each other to act with the players best interest at heart.

Humility – We believe in acknowledging that we are not yet where we want to be.

Development – We believe we can always improve.

Community – We believe in the power of relationships that are created through sport.

What, How & Why

What – Our aim is to provide progressive coaching and programs that help players improve their:

  • knowledge and enjoyment of the game
  • emotional well being and physical health
  • personal relationships

How – We’ll achieve our objective by striving to create a culture committed to empowering our players and the wider community we serve through a commitment to continually improving all that we do.

Why – We exist to provide experiences through sport that positively impact players, families and staff for life.

Contact Us

We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.