COVID-19 Update 4/30/20

Hello Fusion families,

Today is Thursday, April 30th and I’m here with our next update from the club regarding our plans due to COVID 19.

First, I want to continue to wish everyone health and safety during this time.  While I know that we are all antsy to get back on the field, we want to do so in a safe manner, and follow the guidelines set for us by our government.

Second, our current program suspension will be extended through May 31st.  We are hopeful to re-open our parks (BB&T Sports Park and Bryan Park) during the month of May to allow our members to utilize the facilities, but we are making sure we understand all of the guidelines prior to re-opening.  We will communicate that information as soon as we have more clarity.  Our North Carolina governor has issued a 3 Phased approach, and we believe that our programming would be in Phase 2 or 3, depending on  updated restrictions.  The timeline is based on many different factors that you can read about at:

Third, we are extremely thankful that we were awarded the PPP loan last week.  This will allow us to begin to bring our staff back from furloughed status through a thoughtful process over the next 2 months.  We are working closely with our financial advisors to ensure that we are making sound decisions and able to weather this incredibly difficult time for our non-profit.

Fourth, we know that there are questions regarding what we will do regarding any credits for fees paid.  As we said before, we intend to provide value to all players and programs for fees paid, although it might be at a later time and in a different format.  We haven’t made these clear decisions yet because our governing bodies have not set “return to play” guidelines, such as North Carolina Youth Soccer, US Youth Soccer, US Club Soccer, US Lacrosse, and US Field Hockey.  As with all organizations right now, we are just awaiting a clearer picture of return to play before we make any of these decisions.  Thank you for your patience on this topic.

Fifth, as we bring our staff back on, we will be working over the next month to do the following:

  1. Provide value through online content and reaching out to our members
  2. Decide on flexible alternative plans to replace our Spring programs once we have more clarity on “return to play” dates
  3. Finalize our program offerings and details for the future

Finally, next Friday, May 8th, we will be providing a specific update from each program director for our membership.  We hope that it will provide some additional clarity to each of our programs about our plans moving forward.

Thank you again for your support and patience during this difficult time.  We look forward to seeing everyone again soon.




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