Level 4 – Recreation Soccer Program Update 5/8/20

***This notification pertains ONLY to NC Fusion Recreation Soccer. IF you have children in other NC Fusion programs, i.e. Jr Academy, Classic, Lacrosse, Field Hockey, etc. you should receive specific notification regarding those programs. ***

Dear NC Fusion Recreation Members:

It gets said so often these days, but please know that we do truly hope that you and your family are safe and healthy. We desperately want to get onto the field again; but ONLY if we can do so safely AND while providing an enjoyable, quality, soccer program.

Unfortunately, we do not feel that moving the entire spring recreation season into the summer will meet the criteria of providing an enjoyable, quality, soccer program for the following reasons:

  • The recreation program relies on hundreds of volunteers. To assume that all of them will be available to participate in the summer is not prudent.
  • The recreation program relies on some facilities that are operated by our local parks and recreation and public schools, and thus are NOT under our control. Therefore, counting on them for games or practices at this time is not wise.
  • Using existing spring teams and coaches for a summer schedule assumes that every team will maintain an adequate number of players. We feel this will not hold and will lead to frustration of players arriving at fields only to find out they do not have a full team, or an opponent to play.

Therefore, we will NOT play the existing Spring 2020 Recreation League Season.

We are hopeful that we can offer a shortened summer recreation soccer program for those that wish to play, but we will not have details, nor registration, available until later this month.

As a spring recreation member, you will have the following 2 options regarding your spring registration fees:

Option 1: You may choose to receive a refund of fees paid, less a $30 administrative fee that covers expenses incurred in the spring league creation that are not recoverable.  In order to receive a refund, you must use the ‘Spring Fees’ link below by May 22,  (This process will take 2-3 weeks after May 22 to complete)

Option 2: You may choose to donate your fees paid to the Financial Assistance Program for NC Fusion players/families by using the ‘Spring Fees’ link below.  We will send an acknowledgement letter for tax purposes once the donation process is complete.

Our club is a non-profit entity and relies on registration fees to continue operating our programs. Despite the PPP loan we received to assist with re-hiring staff for a period of time, it does not cover the significant amount of anticipated revenue that we lost due to COVID-19 (mainly 3 tournaments and 2 major events). In addition, we award nearly $200,000 each year in financial assistance to families, and we anticipate a much higher need going into the next year due to COVID-19, so your donation would be greatly appreciated.

We talk about being empathetic during this time and we want you to know that if you are going through a tough financial time due to COVID-19 or for any other reason, PLEASE DO NOT feel any obligation to donate to the club.  PLEASE let us know if there is anything we can do to help.


ADDITIONALLY, we know that many of you were looking forward to the opportunity to try out or be evaluated for other levels of soccer within NC Fusion. YOU HAVE NOT MISSED IT! Information will be coming out regarding other programs within NC Fusion in the next two weeks.

UNIFORMS:  If you purchased a uniform from Soccer Unlimited this spring season but have yet to receive, we have been notified by Soccer Unlimited’s staff that they are ready and available for pickup on Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays from 10am-12pm. These pieces are custom, so they cannot be refunded, BUT this uniform is usable for any recreation season going forward.

I know that there has been a lot of uncertainty over the last two months, and I know that you’ve been asked for patience and understanding from so many sources. We know it’s not easy and we greatly appreciate you all. Please know that we sincerely miss seeing your children play, laugh, struggle, overcome, learn, grow, and enjoy themselves.

Thank you so much, and we hope to see you again as soon as possible!

Andrew Fleming
NC Fusion Recreation Director


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