Admin Staff

  • Aleyha Johnson
    Aleyha Johnson Fundraising Development Director & Twins Foundation
  • Chad Heinicke
    Chad Heinicke Director of Program and Facility Development
  • Chris Barnhart
    Chris Barnhart Director of Development Team and Marketing Director
  • Fred Pegram
    Fred Pegram Turf Manager - BB&T Sports Park
  • Gary Gartner
    Gary Gartner Director of Community Development (Sponsorships/Tournaments/Travel)
  • Jenn Ullrich General Manager - West
  • Kathy Cartee Finance Manager
  • Kristen Strain Chief Administrative Officer
  • Sarah Bridges
    Sarah Bridges Chief Operating Officer
  • Sari Rose
    Sari Rose GUSA Foundation Director
  • Scott Wollaston Executive Director
  • Scott Zapko
    Scott Zapko General Manager/Administrator - Triad Level 1 Programs
  • Shaun Abernathy
    Shaun Abernathy General Manager - East
  • Wendy Burns Head Registrar
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