NC Fusion Core Value: Humility

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As a Dad, when I think of what qualities I’d most like to see in my boys as they grow up, the following words come to mind: resilient, compassionate, competent and humble.  It’s fitting that the last characteristic listed is something that we can humbly agree is not easy to learn.  We live in a society that teaches us to be proud, or prideful.  And while I agree that we should be proud of our accomplishments and successes, I also feel that we find great wisdom when we show humility.

In our club, HUMILITY is one of our 4 core values.  While we are proud of what we have accomplished, we are very humble in that we know we are far from perfect and must continue to strive for excellence by continually improving.  This continual improvement must never end.

For our staff, this improvement involves coaching and professional development.  A few weeks ago, our staff spent a week in workshops with Kevin Mincher, from Unstoppable Teen.  He asked tough questions like “Why?, ”What?” and “How?”.  It was a great opportunity to evaluate what we are doing, celebrate the successes, identify areas of growth and weakness, and chart out a path for the future of our club that aligns with our mission and core values.  It was so encouraging to see that our staff was so open minded, willing to be vulnerable, and accepting of honest and difficult feedback.  For me, that was a great sign of humility.

Thank you for your continued support of our club and I hope that you will find this month’s edition of the Fusion Star helpful, informative, and enjoyable!

Scott Wollaston
NC Fusion Executive Director

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