New Feedback System Accelerates Improvement

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By Adam Reekie, Fusion DOC/Development Academy Director

An important aspect of player development is feedback. A part of the feedback process in the past was the player evaluations coaches compiled at the end of each season (fall and spring). They came in the form of Zoom reports or something similar. It was our hope that they could use this information to help get better. However, by the time players got their feedback it was really too late; season was over or try-outs where complete!

What is feedback? Feedback is actionable information about a person’s performance that the person can use to improve. It’s a proven fact (Durham University, Education Endowment Foundation, Unstoppable Teen & Sutton Trust research) that the ability to give and receive quality feedback will speed up the learning journey. Based on this evidence we changed the way our coaches provide feedback to our players.

New feedback system involves coaches providing players with something they did well and something they could do better next time after a game or week of training. This is delivered at least once a month to all players on the team and at every level in the Fusion. Players then have to ask their coach a question on how they can improve at something. Another small difference is that all players can see each other’s feedback. This helps all players learn from each other. We have found that our new system empowers players to take charge of their development. Based on feedback from coaches and parents, the new system has been received very well and we are seeing accelerated improvement in players.

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