Tim NashCoach

    During what year did you start working with NC Fusion?

    When it was first formed

    Current Coaching License:

    National Youth License, National D

    Years of Coaching Experience

    25 Years

    Tweet your coaching style – i.e. in 140 characters or less.

    High speed of play, quick ball movement, high energy, difficult to play against, fun and entertaining

    Favorite memory as a player?


    Scoring a hat trick from right back in college sometime in the late 70s

    In 10 words or less, #1 reason you coach?

    I love the game and love seeing kids have success

    Coaching/Professional Education:

    • USSF D License, National Youth License

    Coaching Experience:

    • Tim has coached soccer for almost 40 years at the youth and high school levels


    Personal Info:

    Tim has co-authored books with Anson Dorrance, Michelle Akers, Lauren Gregg and recently published a fourth on the 30-year history of the US Women’s National Team. He is married with two children, ages 20 and 26.

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