Looking for a way to offset a portion of your player’s program fees?

Look no further!

NC Fusion offers the following 3 opportunities to help reduce program fees.

1. Ad Sales for the NC Fusion Sports Guide
Selling ads for the NC Fusion Sports to family members, friends and local businesses can save you money! The Sports Guide is distributed to all NC Fusion families at the beginning of the season at all NC Fusion Tournament Series events and other promotional opportunities throughout the year. Up to 50% of ad sales may be used to offset a portion of the player’s NCF program fees.

2. Financial Assistance Fund
It is the policy of NCFSA to provide soccer opportunities to all youth, regardless of the ability to pay, to the extent that Financial Assistance funds are available. NCFSA provides financial assistance up to 80 percent of NCFSA fees based on demonstrated need. Families are expected to pay any remaining balance due according to NCFSA regular club-payment schedule. To apply for financial assistance, families must submit the application and supporting documents by the posted deadline. Click HERE (Spanish version) or HERE (English version)

3. Greensboro Coliseum Program
Did you know GUSA has a group which works a concession stand at the Greensboro Coliseum to earn money towards paying soccer expenses?
This is a great opportunity for families to earn money to pay for all or part of their GUSA fees and expenses.  Here is how the program works:

  • The group consists of parents who have children playing on GUSA teams. Each parent earns money towards payment of their child’s GUSA dues and/or team fees. In the past, there has also been team participation to earn money towards tournaments and  team fees.
  • The group is responsible for managing/operating one of the many concession stands at the Coliseum during Coliseum events, such as concerts, the circus, ACC games, etc.
  • Stands typically require a group of 6 to 8 people.
  • The group earns 8% of the total sales of the stand for that event.  That money is then divided amongst the individuals who work to use towards their child(ren)’s dues and fees.
  • Most parents who work are able to pay for all or most of the GUSA dues for the soccer season if they work consistently. The group works 3-4 events per month.

Note that there is training involved which includes a class on alcohol sales. The training is minimal but it is required in order to participate in the program.

If teams or parents are interested in learning more about how to take advantage of this opportunity, please contact Dan Bourque at coliseum@greensborounited.org for more information and how to get started.

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